Sending bulk SMS from your modem requires several steps and technical knowledge. It's not as straightforward as sending individual messages through your phone. Here's a breakdown of the process:

1. Hardware and Software:

  • Modem: You'll need a GSM modem compatible with your computer and SIM card. Multi-port modems can send bulk messages faster.
  • SMS Gateway Software: This software acts as a bridge between your computer and the modem, allowing you to compose, send, and receive bulk SMS. 
  • SIM cards: Depending on your usage and regulations, you might need a dedicated bulk SMS SIM card with higher sending limits.

2. Setting Up:

  • Install the SMS Gateway Software: Follow the manufacturer's instructions for your chosen software.
  • Configure the Modem: Connect the modem to your computer and install any necessary drivers. Then, configure the software to recognize and communicate with the modem.
  • Set Up Sending/Receiving Parameters: Define the sender ID, message format, character encoding, and other sending parameters within the software.

3. Sending Bulk SMS:

  • Import Recipient List: You can upload a CSV file containing recipient phone numbers and message personalization data (optional).
  • Compose or Schedule Your Message: Craft your bulk SMS or use pre-designed templates. Some software allows scheduling messages for later delivery.
  • Send the Campaign: Initiate the bulk SMS sending process. Monitor the software for delivery reports and track success rates.

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