There are a few ways to check if your GSM modem is working:
  • Power it up and check the status light. Most GSM modems have a status light that will blink or turn on when the modem is powered up and searching for a network. If the status light is not blinking or on, then the modem may not be working properly.
  • Use a terminal emulator to send AT commands. AT commands are a set of commands that can be used to control GSM modems. You can use a terminal emulator such as PuTTY or HyperTerminal to send AT commands to your modem. For example, you can send the AT+CPAS command to check the modem's status. If the modem is working properly, it will respond with OK.
  • Try sending and receiving SMS messages. If you have a SIM card installed in your GSM modem, you can try sending and receiving SMS messages to test the modem's functionality. You can use a terminal emulator to send and receive SMS messages, or you can use a GSM modem SMS software application.
  • Try connecting to a cellular network. If you have a GSM modem with a SIM card installed, you can try connecting to a cellular network. You can use a terminal emulator to check the modem's network connection status, or you can use a GSM modem network monitoring application.

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