Sim Box Gsm is a hardware solution for external storage of SIM cards for a GSM termination business.

Why Sim Box & Sim Bank

Ejointech SIM Box is specifically designed to be used for cellular termination business and the SIMBOX is one of the hardware modules of the cellular termination equipment. The function is holds a bundle of SIM cards separately from VoIP/GSM gateways in order to minimize the maintenance expenses and solve the SIM blocking problem.

Benefits of the Sim Box 

Sim Box allows you to install and manage any amount of SIM cards of different mobile operators that enables work of several GSM gateways placed in different locations. Available configurations: 60 sims and 120 sims. Several SIM boxes can be connected in one system that provides with ability to use unlimited amount of sims in your system.

You can keep your SIM cards away from the GSM gateway. It allows you to attach a separate SIM card for VoIP/GSM gateways module, enabling the same card to call from different points thereby reducing the risk of blocking.

Ejointech Sim Bank 128/256/512 it's a device for centralized management of sim cards.It can achieve separation management of sim cards and gateways. It is perfectly compatible with Ejoin ACOM Brand series gateways. The SIM bank can easily communicate with gateways via an IP network on cloud server.
Its purpose is to flexibly and centrally manage cards.
This is very useful for customers who have business in different countries and region

Sim Box Feature

1.Central management and secure storage of all SIM card and devices
2.Remote and centralized management of SIM cards
3.Control,real-time monitoring and supervision of your SIMs and gateways from your office
4.No need to switch and recharge SIM cards on-site
5.Switch SIM cards between connected gateways, configuration via remote client
6.Support multiple SIM BANK working together
7.Free DDNS service to support dynamic public IP
8.Counter measures for the techniques used for SIM card blocking
9.Save huge costs on technicians and traveling to the installation sites
10.Strong performance statistics, instant, reflect business operation state, and monitor the adjustment
11.Single user-friendly graphic interface for all your hardware
12.Online firmware upgrade
13.Hot swap SIM Tray


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