Ejointech sms modem gateway

8/16/32/64 Ports

Bulk SMS/ MMS Sending/Receiving

API Integrations

Central Remote Management

SMS Platform-EIMS

Build your own SMS platform on your server

New Arrival

IP Proxy Gateway

Use Multi Sim as IP Proxy

SMS Modem Gsm Modem Gateway - BULK SMS ,Worldwide

The original manufacturer of SMS Modem and VoIP Gateway, flexible solutions for all SMS-related business.

sms modem 2G/3G/4g

Ejointech SMS Modem is a versatile and high-performance bulk SMS gateway device. It supports both SMS and MMS for sending and receiving messages, making it ideal for group messaging.

Customers can easily develop an SMS server with its user-friendly features. Widely used in mobile marketing, verification codes, and bulk SMS, it offers seamless functionality across various applications.

- Instant SMS Receive/Forward

- HTTP API integration

- AT/USSD commands

- Remote Management

VoIP GATEWAY For call center

Original Manufacturer of 8/16/32 ports VoIP gateway, Standard SIP Protocol, Compatible with IPPBX Full SMS features included.

VoIP Gateway 2G/3G/4g

Ejointech VoIP Gateway is a versatile, high-performance voice gateway designed for VoIP call termination (VoIP to Mobile) and origination (Mobile to VoIP). It supports up to 16 simultaneous calls and operates on SIP, compatible with Asterisk, 3CX, Elastix, IPPBX, VOS, and VPS platforms.

Additionally, it functions as a Network SMS modem, facilitating SMS sending and receiving with a flexible HTTP/SMPP API. Customers can easily develop an SMS server using the integrated API.

- Remote Management

- Cloud SIM Support

- VPN,IMEI Change

- Auto SIM Card Rotation

Build your own sms server


sms platform


EIMS is a software to provide SMS termination services for your customers. It supports SMPP and handle carrier-to-carrier SMS traffic.

4G Proxy SMS Gateway Solution

Multi-IP solution: Use each sim as IP proxy

Customer reviews

4G Proxy SMS Gateway

ACOM716 provides an efficient 4G proxy multi-IP solution by accessing to the Internet via different SIM cards.

-Socks5 proxy/HTTP proxy/SSH tunnel


-Port forwarding

-VPN supported

-Cloud Sim

Why choose us ?

  • Full Regional Support
  • Inter-link Equipments
  • Compatible with 2G/3G/4G
  • Compatible with SMS Devices
  • Support API Developments
  • Comprensive User Manuals
  • Strong scalability and high stability
  • Accept customization Requests
  • Friendly Management Interfaces
  • High Traffic Support
  • Design for High Availability
  • 12 Months Warranty
From the people
From the people
Excellent communication, quick shipping, great support.
— Nick Caldwell,United States
Ejointech 8 Port 8 Sim SMS Modem ACOM608-8 front side view
From the people
I recommend the service and product provided by this supplier. They are also timely in delivery and responsive to clarification post purchase.

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