Send Bulk Messages Faster With EJOIN 64 Port 64 SIM SMS Gateway – The Most Powerful And Reliable SMS Modem !

Ejointech 64 Port 64 SIM SMS Gateway

EJOIN 64 Port 64 sim LTE SMS Gateway is a powerful, reliable and feature-rich SMS modem. It is designed for fast SMS sending and receiving, with a speed of up to 326,000 SMS per hour.

It also supports various features such as bulk SMS sending, receiving and forwarding, AT /USSD command, SMPP connection, HTTP API integration, anti-sim blockage, MMS sending, IMEI change, SMS to email, remote login and more.

Moreover, this 64 Port 64 sim SMS Machine comes with various software such as ETMS for centralized management of multiple devices on cloud, EIMS for SMS marketing campaigns and ESPS for sim cards management remotely in different locations away from SMS modem.

With this state-of-the-art SMS machine, you can easily send and receive bulk SMS in a secure and efficient way. Keywords: EJOIN 64 Port 64 sim LTE SMS Machine, SMS Modem, Bulk SMS, AT/USSD Command, SMPP Connection, HTTP API Integration, Anti-Sim Blockage, MMS Sending, IMEI Change, SMS to Email, Remote Login.

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